Onse Elsa Winckler gaan groot!!

Love in writing 453x680Oor twee dae word Elsa se nuutste boek internasionaal uitgegee in Engels. BAIE geluk, Elsa!!

Hier is ‘n proestukkie om ons lus te maak vir die res van haar lekkerlees boek:

Margaret stopped short in her tracks. Her heart skipped a beat and then started to throb unevenly. That voice. Was it possible? It sounded like the man she’d seen in the lift last night. What on earth was he doing here of all places? Surely he hadn’t followed her? No, that is impossible. He thought that she was stalking him, so there must be another reason.

Briskly, she walked to the front of the shop.

“Do we have a problem, Jen?” She asked in her most business-like voice.

As she came through the door, the man whirled around and for the second time within twenty-four-hours Margaret completely lost her breath. This time he was wearing a wet suit and the top part was pulled down to reveal rock-hard, rippling muscles and … o yeah, he had a six-pack alright, just like she’d imagined. She sighed appreciatively.

“Do I know you?” he asked and reluctantly Margaret’s eyes moved up to his face. Oh dear, he was irritated again.

He stared at her. She was close enough to see the change in his eyes the minute he recognised her. The incredulous expression on his face was almost funny.

He drew in a deep breath. “You were in the lift with me last night, weren’t you? You’re wearing more clothes now. What the hell are you doing here? Did you follow me here? What …?”

Elsa se boek is van 13 Januarie beskikbaar. Gaan kyk gerus op die uitgewer se webblad, Elsa se Facebook bladsy en geniet!


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